Wellness Exams for Pets in Sharon

Pet wellness care serves as the foundation for your four-legged friend’s lifelong health regimen. It involves getting to know your fuzzy family member, administering their vaccinations, offering dietary recommendations, and so much more. Our veterinary family in Sharon is wholly dedicated to preserving your pet’s good health and acting quickly to prevent future problems. But wellness exams for pets are only the start; we’re here to help you plan your pet’s healthcare needs through every life stage to keep them well for as many years as possible.

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Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppies and kittens need lots of care and attention. When you bring home your new bundle of fur, you should schedule their first checkup with us right away so we can make sure they’re healthy and establish a wellness routine. Most pets will receive their initial distemper booster at 6-8 weeks of age. Then, we revaccinate every 3 weeks until they are about 12-16 weeks old. Around 15 weeks, pets are ready for the rabies vaccine but this timetable may vary.

Since many puppies and kittens have worms when they’re born, we need to check their stool so that we can administer treatment if necessary. During their visit, we will discuss their dietary needs, training methods, and much more to prepare you and your pet for your new life together.

Adult Dog and Cat Care

We need to see your companion at least once a year for their wellness exams to compare their current health to the baseline established at their last visit. To preserve your pet’s good health, we need to check them regularly for lumps and bumps, lesions, ear infections, mobility issues, parasites, weight gain or weight loss, and other abnormalities. We want to know how your pet is doing in their daily life, and if you have observed any changes in their behavior. During your pet’s annual exam, we will run routine diagnostics to check the function of their internal systems and offer recommendations as needed. We will also discuss parasite prevention and make sure your pet is kept current on their heartworm, flea and tick preventatives. Call our team at (781) 784-7554.

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Senior Dog and Cat Care

In general, pets 7 years of age or older are seniors. It is around this time that they can become more at-risk of developing diseases and other conditions, which is why we recommend visiting with your pet every 6 months for a full health evaluation.

Cats and dogs alike are prone to the effects of aging, and it is important that we anticipate these changes to prevent injury, illness, and other problems. Along with a physical exam, we may also run a blood chemistry, complete blood count (CBC), or thyroid test to assess their internal health. A urinalysis may be recommended to look for signs of infection in the urinary tract. We also offer glaucoma screening to check intraocular pressure; glaucoma is a common condition in older pets that can worsen very quickly.

Our goal is to keep your senior dog and cat as comfortable and healthy as possible in their later years, so they can continue to enjoy their time with you.

Providing a Lifetime of Veterinary Care

Your pet’s wellness is our priority, and it is our goal to give you and your loyal companion many years to enjoy each other’s company. Nothing makes us happier than wagging tails and satisfied pet owners. We’re always here to answer your questions and offer suggestions regarding the care of your loved one, and we look forward to being their veterinarian for life. To schedule a wellness visit for your pet here in Sharon, call us at (781) 784-7554.