April Senior Pet Promotion

If your pet is seven years of age or older, you have a senior pet! Pets age much faster than people do, so they will require more medical care than they did when they were younger. In fact, in one calendar year, your pet has aged approximately seven human years or more. Imagine if your grandmother only went to the doctor every seven years!

In recognition of senior pets, Sharon Veterinary Clinic has proclaimed April to be Senior Pet Month! Throughout April, we are offering a 10% discount on our Senior Pet Diagnostic Profile including a Complete Blood Profile, Metabolic Panel, Urinalysis, Blood Pressure and Glaucoma Screen.

Call us today to schedule a Senior Examination and Diagnostic Profile for your senior pet. Early detection of medical disorders commonly seen in aged pets makes all the difference in helping your four-legged best friend enjoy their golden years with the best possible quality of life.

Emma & Forrest’s story

Forrest was adopted this November, just in time for Thanksgiving. His road was already a long one even before taking a 2 day car ride from Indiana to his new home. He came to the rescue with not much of a background, but what was known was that he was very uncomfortable with even so simple a task as walking. After evaluation, it was found that he was a deaf, partially blind, extremely arthritic, 10 year old sweetheart. The rescue knew they were going to have a tough time placing him due to his age and ailments. It wasn’t until Emma and her family were scrolling through the Rescue’s available dogs, that Forrest caught their eyes. They knew they were not ready to adopt a puppy, as their two elderly dogs would not approve of the energy, so they decided they had the room in their hearts and home for this Senior boy. After his long journey to the east coast, Emma took him to work to see Dr. Eichinger. Forrest was on numerous pain killers and at their highest dosing. Dr. Eichinger took X-rays to assess his Arthritis, only to find that he was loaded with buckshot. Little BB’s littered his body from his head, down all four legs, and into his tail. He had a deep scar between his shoulders and terriblearthritis in his elbows. Even with no knowledge of his life before being dumped at the shelter, it was apparent that he suffered a great deal. He deserved a soft bed, full belly, and endless hugs and kisses, and Emma and her family were ready to give it. What they didn’t know was how much he would give back. Their 9 year old Lab, Ronan was beginning to lose his hearing, due to age, and in turn developed anxiety when left alone. Forrest had become a calming presence for Ronan. His anxiety is completely gone and he happily cuddles Forrest when the family is away from home. His pain is being managed closely and he is enjoying the company of his new family, both two and four-legged!